why desto?

Launching in mid-2018, DESTO is an ambitious new player in the world of cryptocurrency, paying particular attention to mobile usability and providing a full suite of crypto services in one simple, easy to use interface. Through achieving this, DESTO aims to facilitate people in creating a more crypto-engaged lifestyle. Learn more from our Whitepaper
Crypto exchange, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, settle up to 20.000 transactions per second. Beta Launch: late March 2018.
ICO and Blockchain consult and launch partner. Successful ICO partners will be provided with full access to the Desto Community, assuring a successful ICO uptake.
P2P payments, merchant crypto payment app with instant transfer to fiat (1-3 seconds). Beta Launch: April 2018
Asset-backed blockchain ventures and investments that provide innovative solutions for the betterment of humanity, business and/or government providing steady and above-average returns to the Desto Community.